Mobile App Development

Mobility is increasingly becoming primary tool of choice for consumers and businesses. Keeping up with the trend of technology has proven to keep businesses in the competitive edge. Our years of experience in the IT industry has provided us with vast knowledge of successful application development for businesses in various industries and technology platforms. This has helped us to be on the competitive edge of application and web development targeting mobile devices.

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The number of smart phones and tablets surpassed the number of personal computers years back and it continues to grow substantially. Irvine Software Company develops web applications that combine the power of the Internet with the intelligence of your mobile phone to provide an incredible user experience. Our mobile website development targets any mobile phone that support web browsing, and is not limited to iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phones.


Google Android
Google Android technologies have been rapidly growing among mobile devices taking over 50% of the mobile market. Our team of technology expert developers can help you mobilize your business with Android application development. Irvine Software Company now uses its years of experience in IT to design and develop rock solid mobile applications build on an Android platform for various industry focused businesses. To learn about our Android development services and expertise please contact us today.
iPad and iPhone
Our team of mobile developers has kept us on the competitive edge mobile application development for variety of platforms including iOS for iPads, and iPhone. We specialize in developing complex and interactive applications for various industries. To get more information about our iOS development for Apple devices such as iPads, iPhones please contact us today and find out how we can provide you with our superior iOS application development service and help you to take your business to the next level.
Windows Mobile and Windows 8
Our Microsoft certified developers can help you to stay on the Microsoft path with the mobile technologies targeting the Windows mobile devices. We have been developing applications using Microsoft technologies since our inception. Our proven track records speak for themselves. We can help you to mobilize your business and reach out to your customers anywhere they are. To get more information about our Windows mobile development services, please contact us today.
Mobile Website
Developing a mobile compatible websites is increasingly becoming a necessity for businesses around the world. When it comes to designing and developing interactive mobile compatible websites, our team of expert developers with decades of experience in developing web applications, can help you take your business to the next learn more about our mobile site development services, please contact us today.