Project Takeover Services

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Collect the assets

We work with you to collect all the project information and assets necessary to take over and complete your project successfully. This includes project documentation, code repositories, issue trackers, and more. We will also work with you to understand your project roadmap and objectives, as well as the current state of the project.

Setup the environment

Once we have all the necessary project information and assets, we will set up our development environment. This includes setting up the Irvine Software Company issue tracker and code repository. We will also create a project management dashboard to help us track the project's progress.

Take over

Irvine Software Company will then take over the project. This includes assigning project management and development resources to the project and taking over the project's code repository and issue tracker. We will also work with you to transition your project team to the Irvine Software Company development process.

Taking Over Smoothly With Promised Consistency

We are committed to deliver a smooth transition and consistent results as your project management and development partner. We have the experience and expertise to get up to speed on your project quickly, assess the situation, and develop and implement a plan to get things back on track.

Our Project Takeover Services

Application Migration

Taking over a project is never easy, and things don't always go as planned, from buggy code and unstable platforms to security breaches. We've been asked to take over various projects throughout the years, and we continue to support many today.

Legacy Systems

We understand that sometimes you can't just start from scratch. Irvine Software Company specializes in taking over and migrating legacy systems. We have the experience and expertise to quickly assess the situation, develop a plan, and execute it flawlessly.

Code Review

If you’re not sure if your previous vendor has done a good job or even that your current developer is proficient at what they claim, Irvine Software Company will review your project's codebase and provide a detailed report of our findings. We will also recommend changes and improvements that can be made to the codebase.

Quality Assurance

Our comprehensive software testing and quality assurance services are essential in every project, from taking over existing developments to implementing new fixes and features. With a robust testing process, distinct from our development phase, we ensure that each deployment is reliable and ready for prime time. This commitment to excellence ensures high-quality outcomes, making us a trusted partner in software development and testing solutions.

Code Documentation

We believe that documentation is as important as coding. It simplifies onboarding new developers or vendors. It also provides insights for feature implementation such as API developments or third party integrations.

Project Management

Once we have taken over your project, we will assign a dedicated project manager to oversee the project. Our project manager ensures the project is completed on time and within budget. They will also be your point of contact for any questions or concerns that you may have.

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We have the experience and expertise to assess the situation, develop a plan, and execute it. We also offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you get your project back on track. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you take your project to the next level.

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